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BLU DOT INC. maintains relationships with the following manufacturers:

Campbell Scientific Home Page

Campbell Scientific manufactures dataloggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products used worldwide in research and industry. Their instrumentation is known for its flexibility, precision measurements, and dependability—even in harsh, remote environments.

Kipp & Zonen Home Page

Kipp & Zonen Instruments are relied upon by meteorological networks the world over and are widely used in climate research, hydrology, agriculture, water resource management, materials testing, renewable energy and public health applications. They produce the widest range available of radiometers for the measurement of Solar and Sky Radiation. The Solar Instruments portfolio covers the spectrum from the Ultra-Violet to the Far Infrared in both global and direct measurement formats and as integrated net radiometers. Ultra-Violet are available in both narrow-band and broad-band types. The instruments fully comply with World Meteorological Organization and ISO requirements where applicable.

R.M. Young Home Page

RM Young meteorological sensors and displays have served successfully for over 40 years in settings as varied as tropical ocean buoys and frigid mountain observatories. Experience and extensive manufacturing capability enables them to produce reliable, cost effective products to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Met One Home Page

Met One Instruments Inc. is one of the leaders in research, development and manufacture of meteorological instruments, particulate monitors, data loggers and environmental software. One of the oldest instrument manufacturer's in the United States, Met One Instruments continues to provide leading edge instrumentation, data logging, environmental software and monitoring systems worldwide.

Texas Electronics Home Page

Texas Electronics Inc. manufacture research-grade tipping bucket rain gauges that are specified worldwide. Their ubiquitous presence in the meteorological industry speaks for itself. BLU DOT INC. uses Texas Electronics equipment for most standard rainfall applications.

FreeWave Home Page

FreeWave Technologies, founded in 1993, is an innovative designer and manufacturer of spread spectrum radios. FreeWave products have enabled BLU DOT INC. to establish communication networks where other radios have failed. Their products produce reliable, error free data-flow under most conditions and environments. All radios are built and tested in a world class manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado to operate over an incredible 115°C temperature range. FreeWave radios can be found at the summit of Mount Everest and the baking heat of the Permian Basin.

Hydrolgical Services Home Page

Hydrological Services, a long term player in the scientific instrumentation field, has developed a broad range of technology and expertise.  Their present product line includes advanced electro-mechanical  instrumentation such as Heated Tipping Bucket Precipitation Gauges, Shaft Encoders and the Current Meters and counters.

Aqua Master Home Page

Aqua Master is an international leader in the manufacture of fountain and aeration equipment. BLU DOT INC. has found the Aqua Master product line instrumental in water quality remediation projects ranging from residential ponds to large drinking water reservoirs.

Instrumentation Northwest, Inc.

Instrumentation Northwest is one of the oldest water monitoring and sampling suppliers in the environmental industry. INW has earned its reputation as a company you can count on to provide quality, economical field equipment. BLU DOT INC. has more INW pressure transducers in the field than any other manufacturer.

KPSI Home Page

KPSI manufactures precision level and pressure instrumentation from sensor to systems for Environmental, Industrial and Aerospace.

Turner BioSystems Home Page

Turner Designs offer the most complete line of fluorometers for environmental applications in the world. Known for their stability, sensitivity, and durability, Turner Designs offers instruments and employs knowledgeable support staff to meet your fluorescence requirements.

Hydrolab Home Page

introduced the industry's first multi-parameter probe in 1968. Since then, our instruments have performed reliably and accurately under even the most adverse field conditions.

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